PaxLife offers a dedicated project team, experts in delivering all technology and services required to install and operate its wireless IFE system on a fleet of commercial aircraft. We take care of all the necessary EASA Supplemental Type Certification.

For those airlines that want to allow their passengers to browse online while inflight, PaxLife also offers a range of connectivity solutions, from social media access to the full web, as a bolt-on to our wireless inflight proposition.


Designed to be accessible to all, the app is available on iOS, Android and through a browser, meaning all passengers traveling with their smartphone, tablet or laptop can be engaged after following a few simple steps.

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The App offers the complete inflight entertainment package: movies, TV, audio, shopping, destination services and chat as well as optional connected solutions that can also support a planeload of social media communications. And it's all co-branded with your airline's visual identity so your passengers remain within a holistic brand experience. And that means happier passengers.

Backed up by advanced e-commerce platforms capable of processing secure real-time payments, and sophisticated advertising functionality, the App is also great at providing tangible ancillary-revenue streams. That's great for your bottom line.

Happier, more loyal passengers plus enhanced ancillary-revenue opportunities means it's a win-win for everyone.

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