Uninterrupted Live Radio Streaming

paxSTREAM in conjunction with paxDAB+ is the first offer for uninterrupted live radio on trains or other means of public transport.


The service will be integrated into the train´s WiFi system. paxSTREAM ensures that only one live data stream is received on board, but any number of passengers can access it on their personal devices at highest quality without the need to use their data plans. paxSTREAM is available for radio streams and in development for TV streams.


To guarantee no interruption of broadcasting services along the entire journey, our paxDAB+ add-on complements paxSTREAM.

The combination assures maximum possible live stream delivery time on the path by intelligently switching between hardware-provided DAB+ and 4G sources. 
In total, the system is able to process up to a maximum of 4 frequency ensembles, providing 40+ different radio channels depending on the number of channels offered on each ensemble.