Paxlife Innovations


Company Overview

We are a technology company. Based in Potsdam, Germany, PaxLife originally started out by connecting aircraft passengers to the digital world. To answer the challenge of bringing onboard content and passenger services in a modern fashion, PaxLife developed a cutting-edge digital architecture that is at the heart of its solutions. We brought our innovative technology and media expertise to rail and public transit in 2019.

PaxLife´s railSTACK is a powerful cloudedge hosting platform for operators to support, deploy and securely manage any applications that run on rail or buses, enabling the easy setup of new adding value services onboard any fleet at any time.

Our Focus

Significant investments are made to install WiFi networks in vehicles and answer passenger demands for a good travel experience. But in parallel expectations keep evolving; what has worked a few years ago might not be enough in today’s world.

Our proposal: we are helping to free up existing vehicles´ WiFi bandwidth while extending its use for passengers for streaming purposes and providing an as-at-home experience during the journey.

Simple, affordable, fully managed and modular proposition: we offer simple plug-in software modules – Saas – or a virtual machine embedded – Iaas – in the vehicle´s server. PaxLife Innovations covers everything from management of media players/services providers, technical integration and delivery to vehicles, ongoing monitoring, support and maintenance. Supplied as part of your own WiFi product, or contracted separately as an add-on. It works similarly for rail and for buses and for other means of transport (air, sea).

This is our contribution to support public transport as tomorrow´s mobility of choice.

Our Team

We are always looking for new talents to join our team.




With us, you have the opportunity to become a valuable part of our talented international team, assume a high level of responsibility and enjoy the benefits of being part of a start-up.

Why PaxLife Innovations?

We improve the digital life of the passenger: from our early days in building in-flight entertainment systems with airlines up to our way to the rail and public transit industry, our main goal has always been to enable a fantastic digital experience for passengers in a simple and affordable way for operators or system integrators, optimizing existing in-vehicle systems.

We have the expertise of the media industry: there is no need for you or for another provider to manage entertainment and content exposure to users – even on the go – when an entire industry, the media, is dedicated to it; we believe it is more helpful to enable media players (national or local public platforms, SVOD and AVOD operators…) to reach out perfectly to their users when they are onboard, and do the job for you.

Still, the transportation industry is our playground: we are aware of its complexity and we have been working for many years with certification challenges and security requirements.

Our clients are at the center of what we do: from management/integration of media players to monitoring, support and maintenance, we provide a fully managed service to allow our customers to focus on their own core role and expertise.

We are a startup! = creative, innovative, flexible, reactive, affordable, and tech savvy of course