Paxlife Innovations


Passenger Infotainment System
Multi-fleet – Generic – Flexible – Easy to Use – One Software

The management of in-vehicle displays for fleets of vehicles is often a source of complexity, increased effort, and prevents uniform information for passengers.

PaxLife Innovations GmbH has designed a passenger information software solution that facilitates the management, updating and operation of various displays/systems spanning several manufacturers.

Abstracting from the vehicle complexity

Based on PaxLife´s railSTACK platform, it enables the abstraction of the actual on-board equipment via an API provided by PaxLife Innovations. This means that for a passenger information application ( the “soft OnBoard Unit”), for example, it no longer makes any difference which display hardware is installed on board – or whether the passenger information is even running on board a train, a bus or a tram.
Therefore, the Passenger Information System (or in fact any passenger-oriented functionalities) need to be adapted only once to the requirements of a transport company, then can be updated at any time from the railSTACK cloud at the click of a mouse, and be entirely independent from vehicle specifics.

Simplify building your PIS solution

The PaxLife solution also includes a tool for transport operators to further simplify the construction of the PIS system: updating, splitting the screen, adding external elements such as advertising, videos, defining sequences or content to be viewed under certain conditions, all without any programming knowledge.

One single platform – scalable to any passenger functions

Finally, thanks to railSTACK’s ability to connect other cloud-based services, such as a CMS used for an on-board portal and entertainment service, the content of passenger information on the on-board display can be visible at the same time on the passenger’s smartphone.
Overall, the ecosystem of passenger functions can be orchestrated through one single software platform.

Simplicity, consistency, (cost)-efficiency. PaxLife Innovations innovative solution for passenger information is currently in deployment being rolled out to the first launch customer.