Paxlife Innovations


Digitize your on board catering service, develop additional revenue

Enhance your passenger experience, grow your business at the same time

Onboard catering is a service that can play a crucial role, beyond mere convenience, in enhancing the travel experience and the engagement of passengers, increase satisfaction during the journey, as well as grow the business and elevate and differentiate transport operators´ brand.

PaxLife Innovations has developed a highly flexible, IT- and data-driven mobile catering service providing an efficient solution to mobile F&B service delivery that maximizes customer-focus, scalability and operational flexibility, while minimizing operational and infrastructure costs.

paxF&B combines an easy-to-launch sales app with a real-time reporting and data analysis tool

  • Passenger-facing: Quickly launch your online shop – accessible via your app, portal or wifi homepage – to provide an attractive service, effortless at-seat ordering and reliable, secure payment processing.
  • Back-end: a comprehensive IT platform and infrastructure for products, sales, inventory management and a cutting-edge real-time process monitoring and reporting tool. It allows adaptation to item popularity, passenger feedback and enables the inclusion of any independent F&B or merchandise offerings, for, at the end, an enhanced customer experience and better business results:


“How can I improve the sales app’s popularity? How is the business performing and where? How can we analyze and adjust campaigns in real time?”…are some of the questions our software platform can provide insights to. With our tool, you will 

  • Understand your audiences better with global-scale data and analytics
  • Optimize operational workflows with complete, near-real time data and alerts based on conditions
  • Serve up real-time reports and dashboards for in-depth analysis, faster reaction time and more effective results

Enhance your passenger experience, grow your railproduct, grow your business!

the service delivery: a modular pop-up café kiosk onboard supported by at-station bases for refill, organized around modular and flexible small size rolling containers These containers are optimized for storing many items in bases in stations, waiting to be loaded onto trains, and can then be easily transformed into temporary kiosks – the “pop-up” concept – on board vehicles, where passengers simply pick up their orders.