Engage. Entertain. Transact.

PaxLife managed wireless IFE. Creating real bottom-line value from inflight entertainment.

PaxLife Managed Wireless IFE

PaxLife managed wireless IFE gives passengers access to entertainment, shopping and destination services through their own devices, and creates new ancillary revenue streams for airlines.

We take care of the hardware, software and ongoing management, drawing on a global network of content sources and advertising partners. As an airline, you receive a turnkey solution, which is quick and simple to implement, and a flexible revenue-share model that puts you in control of costs and income.

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Our business model

From cost center to revenue center

  • Engage
  • Entertain
  • Transact

At PaxLife, we transform inflight entertainment from a cost center to a revenue center. Our business model allows for a number of engagement models to best suit your needs, from partnering to complete outsourcing. That means you can engage, entertain and transact with your passengers while enhancing your bottom line, enjoying net additional ancillary revenue streams from content, targeted advertising, onboard shopping and destination bookings. And our product is also fully customizable, powering both disconnected and connected environments.


Designed to be accessible to all, the App is available on iOS, Android and through a browser, meaning all passengers traveling with their smartphone, tablet or laptop can be engaged after following a few simple steps.

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PaxLife offers a dedicated project team, experts in delivering all technology and services required to install and operate its wireless IFE system on a fleet of commercial aircraft. We take care of all the necessary EASA Supplemental Type Certification.

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Our services


PaxLife offers a portfolio of content which is flexible to suit the needs of all airlines. Hollywood blockbusters, TV and audio content, travel guides, books and inflight magazines, we can take care of all content acquisition and licensing.



The PaxLife platform presents advertisers with a unique and innovative digital advertising opportunity whilst enriching the passenger inflight experience.


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